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Chiropractic Care


Chiropractors focus on the spine, muscles and nervous system, treating the bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints you use every day to maintain your mobility. 


Treatment Techniques

Dr. Floyd uses a combination of techniques depending on the nature of your treatment: manual diversified, activator, soft tissue, drop piece, and ultrasound therapy.

Other tools may be recommended to maintain your care, including: individualized exercises, lifestyle and postural advice, custom orthotics, nutritional supplements, specialty pillows, back supports, braces, and more.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  1. Relieve pain and prevent it from returning

  2. Improve movement in neck, shoulders, back and torso

  3. Treat and prevent muscle and joint injuries

Patients also report enhanced athletic performance, more restful sleep, increased energy and improved digestion.


Massage Therapy

We have two registered massage therapists on site. Many patients find it beneficial to combine chiropractic treatment with massage therapy. Please contact them directly to begin the booking process.


Kyra Richards-Browne is our registered acupuncturist on site. For more information about acupuncture or to book with Kyra, please visit her website.

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